Medical Biophysics & Systems Medicine



Dynamic modelling and Systems Science in Medicine



Cancer Therapy Research Projects – Selected Topics:


Computational Methods for Exploring the Dynamics of Cancer: The Potential of

State Variables for Description of Complex Biological Systems


Using State Variables to Model the Response of Tumour Cells to

Radiation and Heat: A Novel Multi-Hit-Repair Approach


Kinetic model for dose equivalent - an efficient way to

predict systems response of irradiated cells


Measuring Skin Perfusion after Superficial

Hyperthermia using IR-CAM Technology


Computer simulation of oxygenation and growth inhibition of tumours

During fractionated radiotherapy


A kinetic LQ-based model for exploring the tumor response onto

Radiation including the vascular system


Dynamic modelling of the synergistic effect of hyperthermia an radiotherapy



Medical Imaging Physics


Introduction & Recent Projects



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