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Franz Baumgartner, www.zhaw.ch/~bauf


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        List of selected MLPE Publications and Notes


ZHAW contributing MLPE Publications

         PV-Optimizer: Nur ein Hype oder die Zukunft? , Electrosuisse Bulletin, p2, 2021-05-01 (GERMAN)

         Performance PV Module Level Power Electronic, Webinar Talk, IEEE Chapter Austria, 2020-12-01, (60 Min)

         Module Power Electronic Tests, EUPVSEC, 2020-09-07

         Modulelektronik bringt wieviel Performance-Vorteile zu Stringinverter, CH PV Conf in Lausanne, 2020-03-13

            Video (24 minutes) zum Vortrag 2020-03-13 F. Baumgartner  

         Report IEA PVPS T13-15:2021; Performance of New System Designs, Chapter 3.1 MLPE;


Reported PV Plant Performance Data of MLPE Systems

         csv- template to report your annual PV plant performance to be sent to ZHAW - Thanks


Photovoltaic BASICS / Animation

         Excel - Simulation current/voltage characteristics under shading condition - PV Module