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Andreas Bergmann

mag. oec. (St. Gallen), Dip/MA Business Analysis (Lancaster), Dr. oec. (St. Gallen)

Professor for Management
Director Public Sector


Office SC O2.049
Stadthausstrasse 14/P.O. Box 805
CH-8401 Winterthur/Switzerland

Phone direct: +41 58 934 7964
Office: +41 58 934 7925
Facsimile: +41 58 934 7964

Lectures Academic Year 2008/9

Public Management BO spring (E)
Public Finance & International Financial Organizations
BO spring (D)
Business in Asia Pacific
BO fall/spring (E)


CV (short version)

IVM Institute for Public Management (IVM-ZHW)
(Member of the Swiss National Network of Excellence in Public Management AdmiNet)

Swiss Society of Administrative Sciences (SSAS)

International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) IPSAS-Board

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